We produce a range of waveguide pressurization equipment for military, navy, and telecommunication.

Airspec waveguide pressurization units have been in operation for the past ten years, and have attracted customer praise for their level of reliability and the outstanding standard of workmanship.

Customer backup and service on all wave guide units manufactured by Airspec carry a history through each serial number no matter which industry it may be supplied in.

Airspec designed and manufactured waveguide pressurization equipment is built in the UK DEF STAN military specification.

All waveguide unit is fitted with oil-less compressor stainless steel holding tanks and desiccant PSA Dryers, all of which provide clean and perfectly dry compressed air at low output pressure. Pressure dew point outputs remain constant at below -40 deg Celsius.

Various alarm outputs can be accommodated to suit the customer’s desired safety margins.

All waveguide unit is compatible for mounting in both 19” and 21” racks as well as wall mounting.